3-D CNC Cutting

3-D CNC Foam Cutting

We have the most accurate, state of the art horizontal foam 3-D CNC Cutting machines in the world. We can take your idea or specification and cut crosslink polyethylene, regular polyethylene or polyurethane foams into one piece 3 dimensional shapes.

IMG_0202Our precision equipment will cut any shape, rotate the part 90 degrees and cut it again producing a part that meets your tightest tolerance requirements.

Our 3-D CNC foam cutting machine follows CAD drawings to create complex foam fabricated products. Our seamless foam cutting 3-D CNC cutters cut to your exact requirements. The machine works on a three dimensional axis which allows it to follow the design specifications quickly and easily.

These automated systems are accurate, consistent and decrease processing time, taking the manual work out of foam fabrication. They give us the ability to be more flexible with our design capabilities. Foam CNC machines offer advanced options including orthopedics, foam props, foam signs, molding, architectural shapes as well as foam packaging products.


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