Marine Industry Specialists

The Heubach Corporation offers an array of foam products specifically designed for boat manufacturing and remodeling. We use state of the art foam fabrication equipment to meet your requirements. Our equipment makes it possible for us to engineer specialty foams, including anti-bacterial and anti-mould additives, natural fibers and plastics into a virtually endless amount of custom foam parts and assembled custom foam products suitable for any marine application. Using our advanced foam processing technology, we can fabricate different types and styles of foam including: reticulated polyurethane foam, open-cell foam and closed-cell foam.

Our products are used in hundreds of industries. We are one of the country’s leading foam converters and fabricators of polyethylene, polyester and polyether polyurethane foams, cross-link polyethylene, and polystyrene foam.  All of our in-house foam fabrication is done in our 60,000 sq ft facility. Our capabilities include 3-D CNC Routing, high-pressure water jet cutting, die cutting (automatic), foam lamination, flame lamination, heat sealing/bonding, heat foam thermoforming, foam slitting and assembling.

We also offer flame resistant foam products, static dispelling foam, and other conductive and UL accepted foams.  One of our specialities is the production and fabrication of seating and buoyancy aids for mid-range and large yachts/cruisers. Our ability to cross link fungicides into our foam products makes us virtually unique in the industry. Heubach Corporations CAD trained sales team and design engineers stand ready to help you get your product to the finish line.

Heubach provides custom vacuum and pressure thermoforming services for a variety of plastic materials. Our CAD/CAM technology ensures your products will be made to the exact specifications required. Thermoplastic sheets are made into 3-D shapes by using a clamp to hold the plastic, and then heating the plastic until it is pliable enough to be pressed into a mold. Once inside the mold, the thermoplastic sheet is shaped using vacuums and positive pressure. Heat thermoforming works well on plastics, but can also be done on various types of foam.

We have the thermoforming capabilities to manufacture custom plastic and foam parts to your exact specifications. Our experience and CAM technology allow us to utilize pressure thermoforming, vacuum thermoforming and assembly to meet your requirements.

You can rely on our custom thermoforming services to help you introduce products quickly and price them competitively. For help and advice, please telephone +1 800 530 0091, or +44 7708 156392 for enquiries outside the US.

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