Water Jet Cutting

Foam Water Jet Cutting

Our numerous water jet cutting equipment yields precision and consistency. Our custom water jet capabilities enable us to produce fast, accurate, tight tolerance parts. CAD equipment is used for maintaining accuracy and quality. We have the capability to water jet cut all types of foams and plastics, etc.. Our water jet cutters follow the CAD drawing in order to produce intricate shapes and cavities. Our water jet cutters all have multiple cutting heads with adjustable cutting pressure up to 60,000 psi. This results in shorter lead times and ensures your specified material is cut precisely to meet your specifications.  We also have one 5 axis CNC water jet cut that can cut slants or angles if so specified.

Water jet cutters enable design changes and prototypes to be made rapidly without tooling charges.  Our machines are customized to maximize the yield and increase material fabrication efficiency.

If it is a hot prototype or a commercial order, put the Heubach team to work for you. We are ready with all your water jet cutting solutions.

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