Foam Products

Foam Products

Foam Products


Heubach offers an array of custom foam products and uses state of the art equipment to meet your requirements.

foam3We are one of the countries leading converters/fabricators of polyurethane, polyether,  polyester, polyethylene, crosslink polyethylene, and polystyrene foams for use in all areas of industry, not just packaging.

Some of our products include Orthopedic products, foam sheets, furniture cushions, boat cushions, foam strips, gaskets, foam case inserts, end caps, safety foam, as well as foam displays, and OEM parts.

In-house fabrication facilities include CNC routing, high-pressure water jet cutting, die cutting, saw cutting, compression cutting, and horizontal CNC cutting.

We fabricate many innovative orthopedic and medical products, provide warehousing, and state-of-the-art inventory control.  We stock raw materials and can produce and maintain appropriate stock for almost any requirement.


Foam Product Types:

Reticulated Foams

Reticulated foam is porous, open-celled, breathable foam. It is a common foam with many applications including humidifier pads, air filters, water purifiers, vehicle filters, sponges, ink jet cartridges and cosmetic applicators.

Open-Cell Foams
Open-cell foams are have a visible cell structure and are used in many of our customers applications. They are some what breathable but not as breathable as the reticulated foams.  Generally polyurethanes are referred to as the open cell foams.

Closed-Cell Foam
Closed-cell foams have a smaller tighter cell structure and will usually float in water. Examples are our crosslink polyethylene, polyethylene and polystyrene foams.  The closed cell foam varies in density from light to heavy and will feel soft to firm, and can be used in all types of applications.

Closed-cell is one of the most efficient insulating foam materials available.

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