A Message From our CEO

The last few months have been incredibly challenging in more ways than we can possibly imagine. The coronavirus, Covid-19, started in China in December, and at first seemed a million miles away from affecting us as a country in the way that it now does. What started with a few cases of the disease has now led us to self-isolate in a way that the planet has never had to do ever in history. Fear, panic and feelings of isolation have been instilled in all of us. Our health system is being put under the most unique of strains, testing medical professionals to the limit. Further, the companies that supply essential equipment to our health system are under pressure, too, in order to allow medical professionals to provide the care that our nation so desperately needs.

As the Chairman and CEO of The Heubach Corporation, manufacturing products that are used daily in our health system, I have a deep understanding of our responsibility to meet our customers demands and play ever such a small yet very important part in keeping everything ticking.

From our head office in Garland, Texas and our secondary site in Rockwood, Tennessee we are prioritising our ISO 9001 contract medical manufacturing processes to benefit professionals and patients alike. Further, should we be required to, then we are more than ready to help with medical foam manufacturing and fabrication, should we be asked to help.

In times like these, times not dissimilar to our efforts in World War 2, The Heubach Corporation takes its domestic responsibility incredibly seriously. We will play our part in order to help our nation stay safe and healthy. I look forward to the coming months, where we will beat this virus and return to a more normal way of life. Please stay safe, keep your families safe and may those close to you do the same.


August Eltz III


The Heubach Corporation


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