Heubach Foam Supplier

Azote is the new group brand name for Zotefoams’ polyolefin foams… high quality foams from differing base polymers but all manufactured using the same unique nitrogen expansion process route.

Azote was used formerly as a name for Nitrogen and is still used by French chemists to refer to the element. Azote foams derive many of their exceptional properties directly from the use of this inert, tasteless, odourless gas in the manufacturing process.

Zotefoams’ well known product brands names; Plastazote®, Evazote®, Supazote® and Propozote® will continue to stand for individual product types within the overall Azote product range.

  • PLASTAZOTE® Foam: Closed cell, cross-linked LDPE, HDPE and blends.
  • EVAZOTE® Foam: Closed cell, cross-linked EVA copolymers
  • SUPAZOTE®: Closed cell, cross-linked EMA copolymer
  • PROPOZOTE®: Closed cell, 100% polypropylene