Heubach Foam Supplier

NCFI_logoOur Consumer Products Division manufactures flexible foam products that are used in the furniture, bedding, carpet padding, marine, medical, and aerospace industries. In fact, NCFI’s flexible foam solutions turn up in the places that you find yourself in on a daily basis when comfort isn’t desired, but demanded.

Our Flexible Foam Is Behind You, and Beneath You

NCFI’s innovative technology is utilized within today’s finest furniture. Our flexible foam is found in chair seats and backs, sofas, and spring replacement systems, providing topnotch support. Our Memory-Lux™ sleep systems having revolutionized bedtime, allowing for a more restful night’s sleep. Underfoot, NCFI is there, too. As carpet padding, flexible foam supports your carpet, making your walk across the room more comfortable.

We’re Trusted When It Really Counts

For marine and medical applications, only the finest flexible foam solutions will do. And the fact that the U.S. Space Shuttle program honored us with their Supplier Quality Excellence Award in 2010 is another testament to our product line’s outstanding level of performance. In the end, our flexible foam is the most reliable in the world—and as NASA proved, beyond this world, too.