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PremierFoam_LogoPremier Foam is a leading specialty foam manufacturer.  Premier Foam produces foam materials for the furniture, bedding, packaging, and marine industries, Premier Foam also provides foam solutions for specialized technical applications such as drainable foam and energy absorbing forms.  Premier Foam is able to meet the most demanding requirements for today’s competitive environment.

Eco foam


With the commitment to a “greener” world, Premier Foam’s Ecofoam family of products addresses the increasing focus on environmental sustainability.

Eco foam products are based on two innovative “green” technologies. Our unique technologies allow Premier Foam to replace a significant amount of petrochemical based polyl with natural plant based renewable materials in our formulations. In addition, our new technology allows us to recycle a product that is created by normal foam manufacturing leading to a lower carbon foot print.

Ecofoam not only helps conserve scarce natural resources but delivers the comfort, performance and durability that is expected by the ENVIRONMENTALLY sensitive consumer.

Enersorb is simply.

Premier Foam is proud to introduce the most advanced energy absorbing foam technology on the market.

• Enersorb foam is manufactured to meet stringent requirement for energy absorption, cushioning and protective purposes.

• Enersorb reacts to temperature and soften when warm, giving near pressure free support.

• When struck a blow, Enersorb will absorb most of shock at impact.

• Enersorb is an ideal foam for many applications in technical packaging, automotive or sporting goods when vibration dampening is required.

• Enersorb comes in a variety of densities and firmnesses to meet your demanding requirements.

Enersorb is the ideal foam product when protection is paramount. Whether protecting sensitive medical devides, children in sporting activities or the professional athlete, Enersorb is the advanced foam technology for you.


The advanced, eco friendly cushioning materials from Premier Foam for your luxury bedding products.

• Springtex is an innovative new foam technology that combines the shape conforming surface comfort of visco with the medium resilience of latex.

• Springtex’s higher air flows provides a cooler sleep surface.

• Springtex conforms to the individuals shape and size, to greatly reduce pressure points for a more restorative and restful sleep.

• Springtex also reduces motion transfer across the sleep surface.

• Springtex provides higher tensile and tear strengths to ease the manufacturing difficulties of latex.

• Springtex’s four comfort options allow you to select the luxury feel that you desire in toppers, pillows and cores.

• Springtex provides superior support and comfort for the luxury bedding market.



QuikDri outdoor cushioning materials are ideal for many types of outdoor applications- from casual outdoor furniture to marine seating. The applications are unlimited. QuikDri matches the comfort and performance of conventional foams with the ability to drain quickly. QuikDri’s large open cells promote rapid draining and maximum air circulation for quick drying.

QuikDri’s cushions offer hydrolytic stability for maximum durability in long term exposure to wet conditions. QuikDri is manufactured with antimicrobial properties to resist the growth of mold and mildew, important in retarding stains. QuikDri is offered in a wide variety of densities and firmness levels to provide the flexibility you need to enhance outdoor cushion performance. QuikDri – outdoor cushioning performance at an affordable price.