Heubach offers an array of custom foam products and uses state of the art equipment to meet your requirements.

We are one of the areas leading converters / fabricators of polyethylene, polyester, and polyether urethane foams for use in all areas of industry, not just packaging.

Some of our products include foam sheets, foam strips, gaskets, foam case inserts, end caps, as well as foam foam5displays, presentation units, and foam expansion joint fillers.

In-house fabrication facilities include CNC routing, high-pressure water jet cutting, die cutting (automatic), and vertical and horizontal CNC cutting.

We offer many innovative orthopedic and medical applications of foam and our medical foam manufacturing facilities, warehousing, and state-of-the-art inventory control can produce and maintain appropriate stock for almost any requirement.

Foam Product Types:

Reticulated Foams
Reticulated foam is porous, open-celled, low density solid foam. It is a common foam with many applications including humidifier pads, air conditioner filters, water purifiers, vehicle filters, ink jet cartridges and cosmetic applicators.

We used reticulated foam because it can be cut into strips, pads and complex shapes very easily. Our manufacturers produce this foam in a controlled process which begins by choosing foam with similar pores. The foam is then pressurized and gases are released within the container to create an explosion. The cells within the foam are blown out and the foam becomes less dense.

An added benefit of reticulated foam is that it is so open and porous that it retains little to no water, which is an added benefit when shipping and packaging products that require a dry environment.

Open-Cell Foams
Open-cell foams are soft and make great cushioning for packaging materials. Custom open-cell foam can be fabricated to fit snuggly around fragile items that need to be shipped. Cell walls are open and air moves easily from one compartment to the other. This is more porous foam, which is what makes it more pliable and soft.

It is susceptible to water vapor, but the amount can be carefully controlled by the foam builder.

Closed-Cell Foam
Closed-cell foams have many degrees of hardness and density. It is strong enough to step on and the cell walls remain intact and packed together tightly. As the density of foam increases, so does its strength and durability, enabling it able to withstand more pressure. Rather than air, cells are filled with special gas, which increases the insulation properties and adds value to the foam.

This type of foam is able to withstand motion and movement in packaging, but is a more expensive choice of foam due to the amount of foam material that is required. Closed-cell is one of the most efficient insulating foam materials due to its density.

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