Sealed Air

Heubach Foam Supplier


Sealed Air’s solutions provide high levels of protection, extend freshness and distribution life of perishable food products, and add presentation and merchandising appeal. Our performance solutions focus on improving our customer’s product characteristics and productivity while reducing key cost drivers.

Protective Packaging

Sealed Air’s wide range of protective packaging materials and systems address the requirements of a multitude of industries. Whether your need is surface protection, cushioning, blocking and bracing, or void fill packaging, we can provide the following:

  • Cell-Aire® polyethylene foam products, including thin foam laminates
  • CelluPlank®, Cellu-Cushion®, ETHAFOAM®, and Stratocell® polyolefin fabrication foams
  • Instapak® foam-in-place packaging systems
  • Jiffy Mailer® products
  • Korrvu® suspension and retention packaging
  • NewAir I.B.® packaging systems
  • Packaging sheeting systems
  • PriorityPak® automated packaging systems

Specialty Materials & Products

Not all of our products fit into the categories of Food, Protective or Shrink packaging. Some are designed for completely different markets; others are our familiar packaging products used in non-packaging applications. We also focus on developing customized performance solutions that make your products “better”. How do we define “better”? We partner with our customers to make their products safer, lighter, quieter, more durable, insulated, and more efficient. In doing so, we can reduce total costs, substitute more economical materials, reduce scrap, increase your production efficiencies, and generate value for you.

  • Specialty Materials for:
    • Construction Engineering
    • Automotive
    • Sporting Goods, Athletic Equipment and Toys
  • Cryovac® Oxygen Scavenging Systems
  • Entapack™ Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) Liners
  • Sealed Air® Solar Pool Heating Products
  • The Instapak® 900-series handheld foam-dispensing system creates stronger and more durable reels for the plastic components and metal forming industry.