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Woodbridge FoamPartner is a Chattanooga, Tennessee-based manufacturer of slab urethane foams for a broad range of industries. Our markets include automotive, filtration, medical and industrial products. We are a joint venture of the Woodbridge Foam Corporation and the Foam Partner Group. The joint venture was first established in 2006 and began formal operations in January 2007.
Our partners
The Woodbridge Foam Corporation is a privately held Canadian company that has been in business since 1978. The Foam Partner Group has been operating since 1937 and is held by Conzetta Holdings, a publicly traded company on the Swiss Exchange. As joint venture partners, we market and distribute our own technical foams, most of which are produced at our Chattanooga facility. We also offer an array of non-technical products made internationally and domestically by our partner companies.
Our philosophy
We are committed to continuous improvement and encourage our employees to share their ideas for improving quality and value. We respect honesty, integrity, workplace safety, sustainable environmental stewardship, fiscal prudence and enduring customer satisfaction.