Sekisui Voltek

Heubach Foam Supplier


Two main products. Infinite possibilities.

We offer two main product lines: Volara® and Volextra®. Within each of them, we can modify elements like resin selection, additives, foaming technologies, crosslinking parameters, density and thickness to achieve the performance parameters you need. We do whatever it takes to help you solve your challenge.  We will even create a new product designed specifically for it.  We start by working closely with you to determine your project’s specific needs. Once that is established, our application engineers can determine if the best solution is one of our existing product grades, or if the unique demands of your application call for development of a new grade.  Often, the solution goes beyond foam selection.  With the help of our Authorized Fabricating Distributors, we can utilize other related technologies, like press molding, vacuum forming, waterjet profile cutting, die cutting or lamination of crosslinked, closed-cell foams to a variety of other substrates.