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ZoteFoams_logoZotefoams plc is the world’s leading manufacturer of cross-linked block foams. Its products are used in a wide range of markets including sports and leisure, packaging, transport, healthcare, toys, building, marine and the military.

Through a unique production process, the Company produces foams that have controlled properties and are of a strength, consistency, quality and purity superior to foams produced by other methods.


Azote is the new group brand name for Zotefoams’ polyolefin foams… high quality foams from differing base polymers but all manufactured using the same unique nitrogen expansion process route.

Azote was used formerly as a name for Nitrogen and is still used by French chemists to refer to the element. Azote foams derive many of their exceptional properties directly from the use of this inert, tasteless, odourless gas in the manufacturing process.

Zotefoams’ well known product brands names; Plastazote®, Evazote®, Supazote® and Propozote® will continue to stand for individual product types within the overall Azote product range.

  • PLASTAZOTE® Foam: Closed cell, cross-linked LDPE, HDPE and blends.
  • EVAZOTE® Foam: Closed cell, cross-linked EVA copolymers
  • SUPAZOTE®: Closed cell, cross-linked EMA copolymer
  • PROPOZOTE®: Closed cell, 100% polypropylene

Zotek foams are a range of high performance foams manufactured, using Zotefoams’ unique high-pressure nitrogen gas solution manufacturing process, from fluoropolymers, engineering polymers and speciality elastomers.

Zotek N is a range of lightweight, closed cell, foams, currently in development and based on the engineering thermoplastic polyamide. The main benefits of polyamide are its thermal and chemical resistance. Polyamide is particularly resistant to swelling by hydrocarbons such as oils, which combined with its thermoplastic nature allow complex shapes to be fabricated economically.

Zotek S is a range of ultra-lightweight, closed cell, foams based on the speciality silicone elastomers that are currently being developed. The main benefits of silicone elastomers are high temperature resistance and burning behaviour having low smoke and low toxicity. Unlike other silicone foams, Zotek S retains its closed cell structure to exceptionally low foam densities.

Hizote is a range of heavier density cross-linked block foams, made using a new and unique, free expansion manufacturing process that produces an extremely smooth, regular and fine cell structure and consistent density throughout the block.

A major feature of the new foams is their mouldability. Tests have shown them to be particularly suited to compression thermoforming and vacuum forming where deeper draw ratios can be achieved. Compared with other foams in their class, Hizote foams have greater strength and superior recovery characteristics.